Why convert to autogas?

Automotive LPG or autogas has established itself as the main alternative to petrol & diesel. Retailing at around 50% results of a comparison study amongst petrol, diesel and of the price of petrol & diesel it gives an effective saving of up to 40% per annum on fuel bills. As well as costing less autogas vehicle produce less of the environmentally harmful emissions associated with traditional road fuels.

With the government support enjoyed by autogas combined with the current climate of high fuel prices, autogas is a hot topic of conversation with more motorists than ever before. In light of these factors private & fleet motorists alike are converting to autogas.

Environmental Benefits

In 2004 the European Emissions Testing Programme issued LPG vehicles and confirmed that autogas vehicles produce:

– CO2: 17% less than petrol and 2% less than diesel
– NOx: 50% less than petrol and 20 timeless than diesel
– Particles: 120 times less than diesel vehicles

Autogas Vehicle Choice

The choice of autogas vehicles in the alternative fuels market is second to none with most petrol engines suitable for an LPG conversion and some of the worlds largest and most reputable vehicle manufacturers involved in the development of autogas vehicles. These include Vauxhall, Saab, Ford, Fiat, Citroen & Subaru.

The total cost of a new KME multipoint converting ( 2 years warranty with unlimited milage) an existing vehicle is :

4 cylinder car 1050 inc vat
6 cylinder car 1250 inc vat
8 cylinder car 1400 inc vat

The autogas system explained

Most autogas kits are integrated with the existing fuel and vehicle management software, resulting in a safe, efficient & reliable autogas system. Most autogas vehicles are dual fuel meaning it can run on either autogas or petrol at the flick of a switch.